Yoga Mats in the making!

I cannot even tell you how excited I am!!! I had my first sample of a Yoga mat with my artwork come in the mail and I LOVE IT EEEEK! ❤️

I asked around on my SoMe accounts and it seems like quite a lot of you would actually be interested in buying one of my Yoga Mats, so I have decided to go ahead and make the dream come true!

I will be opening an e-shop as soon as I have found a producer that meets all my (AND YOUR) requirements. I AM SO EXCITED! Below is some of the requirements the mats will meet (after you valuable input over on my Instagram), but feel free to give me even more input so I can make them perfect 😍

I will be making four different designs to begin with. If you want to have a say in which ones, I will be making polls on my Instagram, so go over and follow me if you don't already.

As you can see the beautiful yoga mats will be Sustainable, Tox-free, Eco-friendly, Non-slip and of HIGH QUALITY! I will do my best to have them produced locally in Denmark or Europe too! Can't waiiiiiit (WAIT, did I say that already?!)

In other news, I have my first workshop this Sunday in Intuitive Fluid Art with mediation, sign up if you haven't already! Hope to see you sooon 👋

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