Winter Creation REtreat

All of the sudden winter hit us hard in Denmark! We had the coldest night in 9 years. So it was time for me to leave my houseboat here in Copenhagen behind for the while being and retreat to my childhood home and old workspace.

I spent two wonderful weeks there and created a little group of new paintings that are to be uploaded soon on the webpage! One is already up as I just COULD NOT wait. The others will be photographed during this week and uploaded asap.

I feel reenergised after spending my days there in complete flow state with my fluid art and a lot of long walks in nature.

I also had the time to meet up with my amazing friend Jenny and her partner who makes beautiful wood art under the name MPM design, in form of animal paintings. We will hopefully be able to do a collaboration this year, and he has even written a beautiful blog post about different danish artists, where he mentions my abstract colourful paintings, you can read it here:

I have returned to Copenhagen this week and brought all my tools with me, so I am excited to create with the beautiful souls at Art Escape Studios from now on!

I have a few commissions to work on and the first one will be tackled tonight! Hope you're all enjoying winter, or whatever season your homeland is bringing you at this time of year. Lots of love from snowy, icy Denmark

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