Exhibition @Bistro Cocorico

I have been waiting a long time to announce my exhibition at Bistro Cocorico in Østerbro, Copenhagen.... aaaand it seems I may have to wait a bit longer to open the doors officially.. But you can come and see them!

Read below, to find out how you can get a special visit arranged, to see my fluid art paintings in the heart of Copenhagen and support your local artist and Bistro!

I am eternally grateful to the owner of the place, Celine Wu, who is letting me hang the paintings there during these strange times, waiting to reopen so we can officially show them to the public.

In the meantime she has managed to sell two of them during lockdown, and I am going to hang new ones there tomorrow! So even during lockdown magical things are happening.

I am now able to show off the paintings to you during a short visit at the Bistro, as she is open for take away, which means you can get some delicious French food as well! So if you want to come and see them, contact me to set up a meeting there in person. Much love,

Christina Colourful

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