Dreamy Ocean Piece & New Workshops with Meditation!

Hi everyone,

I truly hope you have made the best of the summer as me.

It has been incredibly busy, hence why it has been a bit quiet here on the page, but I am back once again!

I have added a beautiful, dreamy new ocean piece under the section "Artworks", that is for sale. I have decided, as goes for all my artworks, that you are always able to send me an e-mail with an offer, if you are not able to pay the full price. If possible I will sell you the artwork at the price you are able to pay.

See the new artwork here!

a little sneak peak! Furthermore I have added a new section to the website, where you can find my online workshop link, and my in person workshops as well! I have added a new exciting workshop to my calendar, where we will be diving a bit deeper, you can read all about it here. Hope to see many of you, online or in person <3

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