Christina Thamm

Intuitive and self-taught artist

First of all welcome to my creative space, thank you for taking the time to dwell in the beauty of colour and creation.

I am an abstract and fluid artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My introduction to the art world came from a place of instability. I had been struggling with deep depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies, after dedicating myself fully to animal rights and environmental activism, diving deep into the darker sides of humanity and my own being.

I found that art, specifically fluid art was the best medicine and therapy out there for me. The creation process helped me find my balance again. 

But it was not until I moved back home in spring 2020, after many years abroad, that art became my highest priority and I decided to dedicate myself fully to the art world.

I have now experimented with many different art forms, and truly feel that I can offer a splash of beauty to this world and to your homes.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and the support I have received on this journey.

After moving to Copenhagen I found my new art space with Art Escape studios, a women's art collective, where I offer workshops and you can come to see my work and meet with me.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in any of my artwork, collaborations, courses or anything else that's on your heart.

You can contact me by clicking on the button below.

Yours truly,

Paint Cans

The Studio

An all female Art Collective in the heart of Copenhagen

Come see our artwork and join a workshop or class at Art Escape Studios! We can't wait to have you over. 

Blegdamsvej 68, 2100 Copenhagen